Coffee Shop Shut Down .!.!.!

Coffee shop Shutdown…

Firstly let me give thanks to all our customers in the coffee shop over the last 4 years ….

Time has come to move forward and combine the two stores back into one unit . Its common knowledge that high street retail and the UK economy is not in the best place right now and that there is Big change coming. So to ensure the ongoing success of Beats, we are moving back into one shop unit …. Reduce expenditure and insulate ourselves ….    The coffee shop will remain open for the next few days until we run out of coffee ,please come say hi and goodbye to what has been a fun, meaningful and creative project for us at Beats … 

Beats will continue to supply Clothing, Footwear and Skateboard Hardware in the original store … no.6. …….hopefully forever…..

Why has this happened man !!!  I thought you smashed it at Beats 

We do!  but to be honest the coffee shop was never set up as a business to make money yea I know that sounds stupid ..but to me … well its just not .. I wanted to do summing Rad both creatively and culturally . Give the Skaters and youth a positive place to hang out, make some great coffee and have a space for creative events, music ,films etc etc ….  To that effect it was a success ..   it was supposed to pay for itself , which unfortunately it never did !  There’s always going to be a what if I did this idea or that idea would that make it pay for itself ? Maybe it would ? but things have changed for me now. I have a little boy and family to support and that is what I want my priority to be. I want to be able to spend time with him as he grows up. So running a shop that costs us money and time is obviously not an option for me any longer.  

I am aware that the store has developed quite a following with new friends and meetings happening all the time , the older generation mixing with the young ,gassed kids being brought to the skate shop with there dads on a Saturday and hundreds if not thousands of other unseen inspiring and positive interactions happening in around the store all the time ..    It is this that is the true loss .. The money lost on the Business is not important . No I couldn’t afford it but .. hey its not coming back anytime soon so what’s the point in worrying about it .  

The combining of the two stores will put Beats back into a strong position to still provide the Products and services we always have and enable us to continue to serve the local Skate community. That for me is firstly a relief but most importantly a positive step forward for the Business .. I have to give thanks for that ..


One Love …Glenn..